Thursday, 17 November 2011

Test Shoot

We've just done our test shoot to check the style and look of our film.
Our very own Director, Joe, and Sound Designer, Leigh, starred.

Less than two weeks now til we film..!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Bake Sale was a success

We had a great bake sale yesterday, in 2 hours we raised 35 pounds so thank you to everyone who came and helped us out. That's one car's trip and back to Brighton sorted :)

Our Director is back at the SU tonight with the cakes that weren't sold so if you're there go and grab a cookie or something


Thursday, 10 November 2011

Fundraising bake sale TOMORROW

I know it's late notice but we will be having a bake sale in Park Reception, Cheltenham between 1 and 3 tomorrow.
Come and say hi and grab some great cakes at the same time :)

Monday, 7 November 2011

Pre-production coming along nicely

Hey everyone,

the pre-production is coming along nicely.

The storyboards are halfway there, the script is on the fourth draft and the lighting tests are happening this week.

If you're in Cheltenham reading this, we're having a cake-sale in Park Campus either on Thursday or Friday. We'll post more details closer to the time but you should definitely come and check it out.

In the mean time, we're still really struggling with the costs, if you're at all able to help with the funding please head to . 5 dollars gets your name spread across all our social network sites as a true legend. The more money you give, the bigger the perk :)

Only three weeks today until filming - busy busy busy!


Saturday, 5 November 2011

IndieGoGo is now live!

Our funding site has gone live featuring this very plea.

Click HERE to check it out. We'd really appreciate your help.

Chris x

What Lurks Gets Underway

After pitching to Mike Trim (Dir. Weeds, Parks and Recreation) and being green lit our film is now officially in pre-production!
What Lurks is a film exploring the destruction of innocence and the demons inside of each of us, and having got a stellar team to work with we're really looking forward to getting this made.
The cast has been picked, the locations are sorted and the storyboards are underway, all we need now is some FUNDRAISING..!
This blog will be updated frequently with our developments and behind the scenes exclusives, for example, shots of the locations will be appearing tomorrow.
We'll also have a link to our indiegogo fundraising site soon, where you can help us by giving us any spare change you may have, (you'll get a little perk as a thank you...)